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to fall on■ home applia●nces, cosmeti●csTariffs to fall o◆n home appliance●s, cosmetics◆Tariffs to fall ■on home appliances●, cosmetics05-31●-2018 08:52 BJTThe S●tate Council●, China's Ca◆binet, deci●ded on Wednesday to● further cut tariffs■ on a number〓 of imported go〓ods starting on J◆uly 1. The dec

t●ems."We must stick● to independent

〓ision, at an execut●ive meeting● presided ●over by Premier L〓i Keqiang, was des○cribed as contin〓uing the cou◆ntry's openin○g-up to ben○efit domestic cons◆umers and boost ◆industrial t■ransformation.○Average tariff ●rates for clothes, s◆hoes, hats●, kitchenware an

◆ research and develo〓pment, bui

d s●ports produc〓ts will be reduce●d to 7.1 percent 〓from the current 〓15.9 perce○nt, accord●ing to a sta●tement released a●fter the me■eting.Average rat○es for household a○ppliances l●ike washing m■achines an■d refrigerators will● drop to 8 percent,● 12.

lding our 〓own talent pool an■d R&

5 percentage p○oints lower. Tarif●fs on aqua●tic products〓 and mineral wa●ter will be 6■.9 percent on averag●e, down from the e○xisting 15.2 percent●, while cle■aning products, ○cosmetics ●and some hea●lthcare products wi●ll be levied at 2.○9 percent, ■down from the

D t〓eam, as well as m◆astering core t◆e

pre●sent 8.4 percen●t, the stat●ement said.Further ●tariff cuts w■ill be benefic◆ial to openi◆ng-up and ■meet public demand, ○which will also○ push forward quali○ty improve●ments and industria◆l upgrading, th〓e statement said.● It also said〓 related dep〓artments s

chnology," Dong sa■id. "Only in th〓is way ca

hould st◆rictly car●ry out the poli○cy and prevent any〓 price increases● by middlemen as● a result.On We●dnesday, the Sta〓te Council also de○cided that C●hina will roll o●ut more foreign-in〓vestor-friendly meas〓ures and widen ◆market access.◆Commitment◆s m

n we ○lead the industry an○d the w

ade to cancel or◆ ease restrictions 〓on foreign investme○nt in such manuf●acturing sectors● as automobiles, s■hipping ves●sels and airc●raft will be promp●tly implemented●.The mechanism rega●rding qualifi●ed overseas invest●ors will be expand〓ed. This wil■l encourage


suc●h investors to parti〓ci

pate in futu●res trading of crude〓 oil and iron ore ●and provide mo◆re support to for●eign-invested finan◆cial institu●tions in underwrit●ing local g○overnment bonds."〓We must strive to pr■eserve China's stat〓us as a ma〓jor destinati●on for foreign ●investment. Ope●ning-up has d〓riven China's ref


hired by enterp◆rises reg

Sakura Haruno

high-○end equipmen■t for Made in ■China 2025.Gree ◆has independent■

up and tacklin○g protectionis〓m.It also wa■s decided t○hat the legitimate i◆nterests o〓f foreign inve●stors will be bet◆ter protected. ●All infring○ements, coun○terfeiting■, violations of comm◆ercial secre〓ts and "tra○demark squatti■ng" will be○ severely dealt■ with. The co●mpensation ceilin●g for intellectual ●property infringeme●nts will be signif〓icantly raised. ■Development zon〓es at nationa?/p>

John Doe

products, suc■h as intelligent aut●omatic guided veh●icles, industrial ■robo

e business■ costs. Foreign in■vestors will be enc●ouraged to inve■st more in ce■ntral and ●western region〓s and in sectors○ like modern■ agriculture, e●cological p●reservatio◆n, advanced manuf■acturing and moder■n services."We ○need to aim higher ●in attracting● foreign in◆vestment. We should ●raise our i◆nnovation capacity● in the new ●round of openi○ng-up and see that ○all intellectua●l propert

Naruto Uzumaki

are used to c●onvey plastic pro●ducts.Thes●e products have○ been appli〓

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate. At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium. a◆ppliances, new e●nergy, food and ener?/a>

餲y saving

cturing b◆y setting

up unm●anned factories and● using indu○strial robots in a v●ariety of produ◆ction cycle■s, as part of■ its broader pus●h to upgrade the◆ country's■ manufactur■ing industry."We ●have eight manufa■cturing bas■es across the coun●try, most of which ◆are unmanned◆ factories. China● must master core t●echnologies to g●row into a manufactu〓ring power," ■Dong Mingzhu, chair〓wom

Our Work Process.


an and pr◆esident of Gr○ee, said o●n the side○lines of th〓e annual sessio〓ns of the Nati●onal People's Co〓ngress and○ the Chines○e People's Polit○ical Consult〓ative Conf〓erence.Dong, who● is a deputy 〓to the NPC, sai○d Gree ent〓ered into the intel◆li

gent equ

gent equipment ind○ustry in 2013. T●he industry ○covers numeric〓al control ma●chines, industrial r●obots, ser●vo-manipulators,〓 intelligent storage〓 equipment a●nd intelligen◆t detecting systems●."We must st■ick to independent◆ research and deve●lopment, buil◆ding our own〓 talent pool

i■pment h

○ and R&D te●am, as well as mast●ering core tec■hnology," Dong ●said. "Only in this◆ way can we lead〓 the industry■ and the world.○"That's wh●at we're doing f〓or Made in 〓China 2025," sh〓e said, referr〓ing to the na●tional plan to◆ upgrade Chinese

as be〓com

man■ufacturing. "Tha○t's our responsibil■ity right now○."The industrial ●robots covered b●y the compa◆ny's intell○ectual property r○ights have bee■n applied in weldi●ng, spraying a●nd transportation, g●reatly enhancing p●roductivity and r〓educes labor costs, 〓she said.In an earli■er i

Meet The Team.

of◆ intellige

nterview,◆ she said her com

○pany would concentr〓ate o

n robo■ts and precision ●machine tools as■ part of eff〓orts to upgrade◆ and transf●orm Chinese manufac〓turing, as ■well as providing◆ entirely s●elf-develope〓d high-end equipm○

ent for Made in Chin●a 2025

.Gree● has independently◆ filed more than 20 ●patents across over◆ 100 types of○ automation products◆, such as i●ntelligent automatic〓 guided vehicles,〓 industrial robo●ts and manipulators■ for plastic inje◆ction machin◆es, which are us○ed to convey p○lastic pro○ducts.These pro

●ducts have b〓een applied in○ fields in○cluding home appli〓ances, new e

nt ●equipme

n〓ergy, food and en

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